I was introduced to the world of blogging when my firstborn was about ten months old. As I chronicled her milestones, our memories, and my own thoughts, I quickly fell in love with blogging. It became my story, a place to share pieces of myself with the internet. Blogging has been an incredible blessing as it’s brought me cherished friendships and some amazing opportunities! Even my older children beg to see images and videos of themselves as children; so it’s for their sake (and mine), that I continue to maintain my virtual time capsule.

Growing up, my parents nicknamed me Munchkin. I have a distinct memory of watching The Wizard of Oz for the first time as a little girl and feeling so honored that the movie had Munchkins named after me. And in keeping with my nickname (one my mother still uses to this day), I titled both my blog and my design site to commemorate that treasured name.

Munchkin Land Designs was born out of a need to make my corner of the internet beautiful and to create a space that was inviting and unique to me. I discovered a way to use my creative ideas outside of the corporate world and in a far more fulfilling way. I may have designed employee newsletters, handbooks, and fliers in a past life, but it was in working with individual clients to bring their ideas to life that I found my true calling and passion.

Munchkin Land Designs offers many services to help individualize your blog; everything from full blog makeovers, personalized headers, unique signatures, custom “About Me” images, social media icons, and more. I offer fun and unique designs for those that are looking for an exclusive and custom design.

I am dedicated to providing you with personalized service to create an individualized design that you will absolutely love. I want to create a design for you that you will be proud to call your own.